25th March update - Grants available

This update is regarding the £10K and £25K grants that can be received from your local council. We have been advised that the £10K payments should be made to all businesses that are currently receiving Small Business Property Relief or the Rural Business Relief.
However, we understand that different councils are taking a different approach. This is what we have ascertained so far:-
Barnsley MBC
They are writing to businesses and asking them to complete a form. This can be pre-empted by undertaking the following steps:-
1)      Go on to the www. Barnsley.gov.uk site
2)      Search at the top on Council Tax
3)      Click on the top entry – Council tax – Barnsley
4)      Click on the 9th line – Council tax refunds
5)      Click on “Claim a refund”
6)      Click on Start New form
7)      Note down the form reference for later use and close that box
8)      Go to the bottom of the Refund Application Form and click on Next
9)      What is the refund for (blue box) – in the dropdown select Business rates
10)   Complete the rest of the form and in the Refund amount claimed enter £1. Click on Next
11)   Complete business and bank details
12)   Complete declaration and submit

We also understand that Rotherham have a similar form to complete on their website.
We have no news on the other councils so if anyone finds anything else please let us know and we shall share it.
It is important that you are looking at YOUR Councils site or even trying to ring them for assistance.