New office procedures

In view of the multitude of recent government pronouncements and changes in social distancing rules we have reviewed our current practices and have made a few changes, that have already been put into effect. We should be grateful if you would take note of the following:-



1)We are restricting “face to face” meetings with clients to an “Essential to meet” requirement only. If you do need to meet at our offices please would you arrange a mutually convenient time. Upon arrival sanitise your hands after entering through the front door, wear a mask, ring the bell at our inner door, stand back and wait to be seen by a member of staff. We will then hold any meeting in our board room with the usual social distancing measures and face masks in place.

2)If you are dropping off records at our office please wear a mask, place the records on the cupboard just inside the front door, ring the bell on the inner door, step back and wait for a member of staff. They will then collect the records once you have left.

3)Most of our staff will still be working from the office although occasionally one or more may have to work from home depending on personal circumstances.



Please drop all records off in the Safe drop box and continue to let your staff contact know by a simple text or e-mail. The staff shall be checking the box a couple of times a day but if we are waiting to start work on some records it is useful to know when they have arrived.
If you wish to bring records to the front door then please ring the bell, wear a mask and stand back from the door. Records can be left on the floor to be picked up by our staff.

2)As with Sheffield office “face to face” meetings are to be kept to a minimum. If you need to meet with us please arrange a time. When you arrive at the door please ring the bell, put on a mask and step back. The door will be unlocked and you should then follow the member of staff through to the meeting room. There are hand sanitisers on route so please use these.


We apologise for any inconvenience that these measures may give but obviously the safety and health of both our staff and clients are our priority.