Update 04/05/20 JRS & Furloughing

Dear Clients,

As time has gone on we know several of our clients are considering reopening and returning to the workplace, even if it is only with some employees.  If you are one of these businesses and you currently have employees on furlough, then you need to be aware of the following:

  The current Job Retention Scheme (JRS) is in place until the end of June.  
  During this time you can take employees in an out of furlough as many times as you wish but there are restrictions on what you can claim 
   The point to note here is that each time you put them back into furlough, this starts a new 3 week minimum period.  
•         Examples: 
o   If you take an employee out of furlough within the first three weeks then you will not be entitled to any claim for this individual.
o   If you take them out after say 5 weeks, then you can claim for the whole period from start of furlough up until they return to work. 
o   If you put them back on furlough one week later then they have to be furloughed for the next 3 weeks (minimum) in order to include them in the next claim. If the period is less than 3 weeks you cannot include them in the claim
o   Hence, you cannot have someone working one week, furloughed one week, back working again for a week, etc
o   This means that you cannot alternate employees so that they do one week on and one week off.
•         If we run your payroll please advise us of any changes to your employees status, if you remove them from furlough we need the date of their first day back at work.
  You do not need to return your workforce as one, you can keep some individuals on furlough whilst having others back at work.

If you are considering a return to work and have any queries regarding JRS and your entitlement to this please feel free to contact us. We would appreciate it if you can please send an email with your enquiry, instead of ringing, and we will answer in full as soon as  possible.